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Developing Drilling Operations


Offshore section: Developing the capacity necessary to perform all drilling operations using offshore drilling sets equipped with the new equipment.

Onshore section: Developing capacity necessary to perform drilling operations through supplying and equipping onshore drilling fleet.


Developing Technical Services


  • Improving the current services including logistic, cementing, drilling fluids, liner hanger, fishing, casing
  • Offering new drilling services such as wireline, well testing, geotechnics and geophysics

Developing Manufacturing Operations


  • Providing MOT sets
  • Providing offshore submersible pumps including ESP, PCP, and SRP
  • Providing well acidizing services
  • Wireline drilled wells
  • Inserting nitrogen and lightening drilled wells
  • Washing casings and transfer lines
  • Repairing and maintaining offshore and onshore wellhead devices and equipment
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