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Integrated Drilling Services Project (IDS-1) :

has undertaken and delivered integrated Drilling Services Project within a contract with IOOC, providing 12 drilling services for16 drilling rigs located in the offshore regions.

Start date of the project had been December 2010 and its finish date had been December of 2013.
The services rendered by DCI are:
  • Project Management Services
  • Directional Drilling Services
  • Drilling Fluid Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Casing & Tubing Running Services
  • Fishing Services
  • Cementing Services
  • Liner Hanger Services
  • Whip Stock & Window Opening Services
  • Wellhead Services
  • Coiled Tubing Services
  • Wireline Services
  • Geophysical Survey & Rig Positioning Services
  •  H2S Services

According to the contract, DCI is obliged to make necessary communications and planning with the service company with the aim of offering better drilling services.

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