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​Company Profile

Drilling Company International Limited (DCI) has established by Petroiran Development Company as its executive branch in oil and gas drilling work field aiming at fulfilling three main drilling requirements (i.e. management, services and equipment). Fulfilling drilling operations, providing integrated drilling services, supplying and recruiting state-of-the-art drilling sets and improving human resource capabilities, are substantial approaches the company followed to improve its business.


Nowadays, oil industry outlook shows a growing trend. Therefore, creating new capacities to take advantage of the drilling services makes it necessary to serious   consider   development of the business through meeting standards and using up-to-date knowledge. In the same direction, DCI tries to complete its chain value with the aim of offering integrated services and gaining customers’ trust.



DCI has embarked on forming specialized subsidiary companies skilled in providing drilling services through identification of the valid domestic and foreign companies using Joint Ventures, purchasing stocks, forming consortiums , etc. It has also started investment in and development of all drilling services through constructing operational centers in islands and mainland, purchasing high-quality equipment, training personal and localizing technologies.
Furthermore, DCI has been involved with supplying and maintaining drilling sets and providing related services with regard to requirements of oil and gas fields. Today, it can be claimed that the company is ready to participate in the international projects.


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