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  • Providing rig and well services for drilling industry
  • Providing offshore maritime solutions
  • Providing logistics services
  • Providing engineering solutions for offshore jack up drilling rigs
Participation and investment in conducting drilling management projects, supplying drilling sets and providing drilling and producing services in onshore and offshore gas and oil fields.
  • Developing Drilling Operations
    • Offshore section: Developing the capacity necessary to perform all drilling operations using offshore drilling sets equipped with the new equipment.
    • Onshore section: Developing capacity necessary to perform drilling operations through supplying and equipping onshore drilling fleet.
  • Developing Technical Services
    • Improving the current services including logistic, cementing, drilling fluids, liner hanger, fishing, casing.
    • Offering new drilling services such as wireline, well testing, geotechnics and geophysics.
  • Developing Manufacturing Operations
    • Providing MOT sets
    • Providing offshore submersible pumps including ESP, PCP, and SRP
    • Providing well acidizing services
    • Wireline drilled wells
    • Inserting nitrogen and lightening drilled wells
    • Washing casings and transfer lines
    • Repairing and maintaining offshore and onshore wellhead devices and equipment
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